As the accepted thinking behind how the Corona Virus spreads changes from the virus being carried by water droplets to aerosols (tiny particles), the implications for how HVAC systems process air flow will need to be evaluated. While more research is needed, the impact of this understanding has an impact on how office HVAC systems process air flow in order to reduce the risk of viral infections. Tests of various building air filtration systems, conducted by the University of Oregon, has found the presence of the Covid-19 virus in about 25% of test cases. However, how these findings relate to the spread of viruses in buildings is unclear.

If it is shown that HVAC systems can spread the virus, then building managers will need to examine and modify how air is handled in their buildings. The “closed circuit” of airflow will need to be questioned (allowing more outside air into buildings) and the use of better filtration processes and the use of UV air cleansing will need to be considered.

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